Shaadionline's Events is here!! We are South Africa's First Online Indian Wedding Directory and we aim to be the best. And we are at your service!

Planning on getting married soon? Then help has finally arrived, in the form of shaadionline. No more driving around in traffic from on end of the world to the other! No more parking problems! No more " Do you know anyone that does bridal make-up? Where can I find a decent stage décor? Or whom can I contact for catering? And no more wasting time and effort seeking people, just because, 'Aunty Dolly down the road told your mother that she got him for son's wedding"!!!

Its time that You, The Bridal Couple made the choice! And ' shaadionline' has gone out and sought the best in the business, for you to view "TOGETHER" over a cup of coffee in the comfort of your home or office or at an Internet Café.

And after our two successful dinners and presentations in Gauteng and Durban, we can definitely say that we can now offer you that service. Our aim: to sign up businesses from the Priests that will perform the wedding ceremony right to that final Honeymoon Package. We plan on been a 'one stop shop'.

Here are some pictures of our Banquet Dinner and Presentation in Durban.

Pritha Fakir (Director of

Sureshnie Govender (Compere at Banquet Dinner & Presentation )

Pritha Fakir ( Director of &
Sudesh Fakir ( Web Designer & Programmer of

Shaadionline's Banquet Dinner Guests

Left - Mr & Mrs Babs Bhagwandas, Abdul Khan, Zainab Ismail,
Nalli Sambbasivum,Chinnaswamy Nalli

Left - Younis Khan, Rogers Rajab
Right - Hafiza Moosa

Left - Mr & Mrs Shagufta Khan, Mr & Mrs B. Gangaram,
Right - Ameet Singh

Mr & Mrs Tensen Nepaul

Mr & Mrs Dalip

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